​Cutthroat competition 

The Cutthroat schedule is up at the clubhouse.  Check your name on the list for your group designation.  Group 1 puts up tags at 12:00pm and starts play at 12:15.  Group 2 puts up tags at 1:30pm and starts at 1:45pm


League Bowling 

Standings are posted at the Clubhouse



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Practice at Paradise
Here is the way member practice works at Paradise.

If there are greens available during the regular bowling days and times, I.e Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The unused greens may be utilized for practice. With the exception of lessons and some tournaments there will be no bowling on Wednesday's. Note that "make - up" games are on the agenda for Sunday's and Thursday's.

Anyone electing to do some practicing must be members and must wear proper footwear, etc. the monitor will not be responsible for putting out or returning equipment for members who practice.