1.  Games consist of 14 ends for 3 players and 10 ends for 4 players.

  2.  Games are made up of 3 or 4 players each delivering 4 bowls.

  3.  No practice bowls.

  4.  No walking to the head to look at bowls.

  5.  Order of play for the first end will be in order of names called.
     Subsequent  ends will be the winner of the previous end.

  • The Jack is not centered.  It is valid as long as it is past the Hog Line, within bounds and not in the ditch.
  • If the Jack is delivered in the ditch or a short jack by the player with the mat, the second player will deliver the Jack. 
  • If the Jack enters the ditch again, place it 2 meters in, at the exit point.
  • If the second player rolls a short Jack, it will be centered at the 2-meter mark on number plate.
  • If the Jack is delivered out of bounds, set it one meter from the side boundary at the point where the Jack comes to rest.


  • Do not replay burnt ends.
  • Instead each player adds 3 points to their score, except the one who burned the end.

    8. SCORING:

  • 3 Points for Shot Bowl, 2 points for Second Bowl, I point for Third Bowl.

         In Fours, 4 points for Shot Bowl, 3 points for Second Bowl, 2 points for Third           Bowl and 1 Point for Fourth Bowl.

    9. Your lowest scores of the season will be eliminated.

   10. If playing in a game with 4 players, each player gets a 3 point bonus.
      Games of 4 players will be made up from the top of each section going down.

     11. There will be no makeup games.


Use the drop down list to choose  the 2018 Paradise Cutthroat League Results or the 2017 Cutthroat results.