Memorial Tournament Feb. 28, March 1 & 2, 2018

Memorial Tournament 2018

A.  Tournament Order of Play

  1. The Swiss tournament begins with a random draw of all players/teams to determine the first round.  If there is an odd number of teams, then one team will get a bye.  In all subsequent rounds, the lowest ranked team that has not received a bye will receive a bye.

  2. After round one all teams are ranked. 
    Round two games: #1 plays #2, #3 plays #4, #5 plays #6, etc.

  3. After round two, 4 teams are continually ranked.  Pairings continue to be: #1 plays #2, #3 plays #4, etc.  Teams that are tied in game points will be determined by plus/minus points and if still tied, by number of ends won.  If still tied (calculator) pairings. 
    Pairings of opponents are modified only if necessary to avoid teams meeting each other twice and then teams play the closest ranked team they have not played.
  4. After round four is completed, the ranking system is used one last time to determine the top four teams in each bracket.

B.     Swiss Tournament Ranking System:

  1. Rank Teams based on match points: Award points for wins and losses in the first random draw match and all subsequent games as follows: 

       Win:                                 3 Points

      Win in extra end                 2 points

      Loss in extra end              1 point

      Loss                               0 points

      Bye                               3 points (with 0 shots for and 0 shots against

 No plus/minus points for extra end games.  Ends counted will not include extra ends.

The maximum point differential between winner and loser in all games shall be capped
at +/-15 points, by deducting sufficient points from the winning team in all matches where the score differential exceeds 15 points.