Executive Board, Committees    2016 – 2017

PRESIDENT                                 BOB MAYRY      

VICE PRESIDENT                        DOM FINAZZO                                               

TREASURER                                SUSAN CROOKSHANKS        

SECRETARY                                 GLORIA MACDONALD           


     BILL PORTER                            
    JIM WARD                                                                      
     JOHN LITTLE      

 FUN DAYS  :                             JIM WARD                                                                  

 LESSONS:                                JOHN & MARYANN LITTLE                                         
                                                JIM & SHARON WARD                                                 
                                                 EARNIE AFOLDI                                                               

HOSPITALITY :                             JAN FINAZZO           

HEAD MONITOR :                        CHRIS KROG/BOB MAYRY        

GREENS KEEPERS :                        GLEN MOSSMAN        

                                                     CHRIS KROGH     

                                                      BOB MAYRY                                                                   JACK CROOKSHANK                                                                             

RATINGS:                                        RAY GALLAGHER                                                  
                                                       WAYNE DOTSON   

                                                       DICK SELLMAN                                                                              

NOMINATING:                                 DICK SELLMAN                                                        

COMMITTEE:                                   BILL PORTER                                                             


AUSSIE & TRIPLES                       CHRIS KROGH                                                      

PAIRS & MEM.                               SHIRLEY TONEFF                                                    

SINGLES & CUTTHROAT               GLEN MOSSMAN                                         
                                                  JIM & SHARON WARD                                        

LEAGUE:                                          JOHN LITTLE                                                             

SUPPLIES:                                        SHIRLEY TONEFF                                                    

LOCKERS:                                        LYLE BOYD                                                              

WEB SITE:                                       ANNE PEABODY                                                    

ARTICLES:                                       BOB YOUNG                                                         

PIZZA DAY:                                      BOB MAYRY                                                             

BBQ :                                              BILL & SONIA PORTER                                          

                                                       BUD HARDUNG                                                      
                                                        DAN LEWIS                                                                
                                                        BOB MAYRY                                                             

BANQUET TICKETS:                     JOHN & MARYANN LITTLE                                  

BANQUET PRIZES:                        SHIRLEY TONEFF                                                     

BEER :                                          JOHN LITTLE                                                             

POP :                                            WAYNE ROBERTS                                                   

PHOTOGRAPHY :                            GLEN WEBER                                                           

INVITATIONALS:                           MARYANN LITTLE                                                   
  OAKMONT :       CECILE HAMMELL                                SUN CITY GRAND:       TERRY & DEBBIE EVERTS
   EL MIRAGE :      ROCKY BRIA                                        SUN CITY WEST  :       JOHN PRESTON

  Note:  In accordance with the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee shall present its report at the first meeting in November.  Additional nominations may then be made by any Club member in good standing.

Election of Officers and Board Members shall be held at the first meeting in November.

Persons elected to office shall assume their duties at the first meeting in November.