1.  PLAY
Will be in general accordance with current USLBA Laws Of The Game.


 a) No “qualified” resident of Paradise RV Resort (Paradise) shall be refused play.

 b) A “qualified” resident is one who has completed instruction at Paradise, is a member of another Lawn Bowls Club, or has demonstrated competency at lawn bowling to the satisfaction of the instructors of the Paradise Lawn Bowls Club, and dues are current.

 C) Designated Monitors (Games Coordinators) shall be in charge of the greens for the days as posted.  All lawn bowlers shall abide by the decision of the monitor.  Refusal to cooperate shall be referred to the Executive Board of the Club and/or the Management of Paradise, as may be necessary.

 c)Flat soled, heel-less shoes must be worn by anyone on the Green.

 d) Dropping, throwing, “lofting”, etc. of bowls, jacks, or other objects should be avoided to protect the Green.  Bowl cases shall not be placed on the Green.
 e) Overdrives and “run shots” are sometimes used and acceptable.  “Blasting”, however, is hazardous to player in the Head as well as on adjoining rinks, and should be minimized during normal play at Paradise.

 f) Running after the bowl after delivery is distracting to players on adjoining rinks, may be hard on the grass, and delays the game.  It should be minimized during normal play at Paradise.



 a)The Club shall provide Monitors to supervise daily play.

 b) Monitors shall supervise the placement of equipment for games, the draw, proper conduct and play on the Green, the storage of equipment, and securing the clubhouse following the games.

 c) Activities scheduled by the Club shall have priority on use of the lawn bowling Green.

 d) Players should be at the Green approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time to help set up the Green and to put their tags up for the draw.  Tags not up at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time may be denied participating in the draw and game.  Decision regarding above shall be made by the Monitor or Tournament Director, as appropriate.